Calgary Fall Clean Up Services

Fall clean ups are an essential part of a healthy lawn, however they tend to be ignored! As we all know, fall brings beautiful colors as the trees shed their leaves in anticipation of the coming winter. What you may not know is that these leaves, if left to sit on your lawn over winter, will actually smother and kill your grass as they rot! This issue is typically called winter rot and is easily preventable. For our standard fall clean up we will remove all leaves and loose debris from your lawn and flower beds. We will then give your lawn its final cut and trim followed by a blow off any excess debris from walkways/driveways. This fall clean up service will insure that your lawn does not experience excessive decay over the winter months and will go a long way towards making your lawn even better for the following year! We also offer many fall clean up add on products such as core aeration and fall fertilizer for those who missed out on the spring services! Our Calgary fall clean ups make a great addition to our other services and should be done every year to round out your lawn care services!

Prices start at only $99!

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

If spring is just around the corner, don't break out the lawn chairs just yet! It is best to stay off the grass while the lawn thaws out in the early spring to prevent damage to the grass. Once the snow has melted and the ground has thawed out you're in the clear!

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Rain water gauges can help you save on watering costs! By tracking the amount of water your lawn receives each week you can a) avoid watering when it is not necessary and b) insure that your lawn is always receiving the proper 1-1.5" of water it needs each week. Just be sure to dump out the gauge at the end of each week!

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Don't stop watering your lawn! It is a common misconception that once fall hits it is time to retire the sprinkler. Your lawn needs water to keep it healthy until the ground freezes. We typically recommend keeping up with the watering until the daily low temperature starts going below 0. If you have an underground sprinkler system remember to get it blown-out before the ground finishes freezing!