Calgary Lawn Mowing


Calgary Lawn Mowing Services

We offer the following lawn cutting services:

Weekly Mowing

Biweekly Mowing

Vacation / One Time Mowing

Included in every lawn mowing package is mowing of the entire property, trimming of all the edges and removal of all clippings. We also blow off all decks/walkways & driveways after we are done! We care about the quality of our work and as such we strive to make every single mow the best on the block!

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Why Choose Lavish Lawns?

Lavish Lawns was founded by a lawn care professional who was fed up with the poor quality of lawn care services in Calgary. Lavish Lawns team of highly trained professionals will do the job right the first time, every time. It is our mission to keep your property looking its absolute best all year round while providing you with the skills and knowledge to maintain a happy, healthy lawn.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Don't stop watering your lawn! It is a common misconception that once fall hits it is time to retire the sprinkler. Your lawn needs water to keep it healthy until the ground freezes. We typically recommend keeping up with the watering until the daily low temperature starts going below 0. If you have an underground sprinkler system remember to get it blown-out before the ground finishes freezing!

Winter Snow Removal Tips

Remember; if possible do not let your eaves troughs drain onto your driveway or walkways during the winter as this can cause a rapid and excessive buildup of ice! Also during blizzard times we recommend clearing the snow from your driveway and walkways often/more than once a day to ensure that the snow doesn't pile up and become excessively difficult to remove!