Calgary Overseeding Services

Having a healthy, thick green lawn is a highly sought after goal of many homeowners. Why not skip the hard part (manual labour) and enjoy the sun while we improve your lawn with our specially formulated Overseeding services! We use a premium grass seed blend to insure that you get excellent results even in tough places. As with any application of grass seed, it is vital that the lawn be lightly watered each and every morning (for about 2-5 minutes per area) for 2-3 weeks after service to insure that the overseeding achieves the best possible results! Even the hardiest grass seeds will die if they dry out even for a day during germination! We provide detailed watering and mowing instructions with all of our Overseeding applications to insure that you have all of the knowledge necessary to get the maximum benefit from our services! Overseeding is an excellent way to help bare spots and other thin areas in the lawn start to grow grass again - overseeding is also a great way to preemptively keep your lawn thick and beautiful by stopping the thin spots before they start!

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

If spring is just around the corner, don't break out the lawn chairs just yet! It is best to stay off the grass while the lawn thaws out in the early spring to prevent damage to the grass. Once the snow has melted and the ground has thawed out you're in the clear!

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Rain water gauges can help you save on watering costs! By tracking the amount of water your lawn receives each week you can a) avoid watering when it is not necessary and b) insure that your lawn is always receiving the proper 1-1.5" of water it needs each week. Just be sure to dump out the gauge at the end of each week!

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Don't stop watering your lawn! It is a common misconception that once fall hits it is time to retire the sprinkler. Your lawn needs water to keep it healthy until the ground freezes. We typically recommend keeping up with the watering until the daily low temperature starts going below 0. If you have an underground sprinkler system remember to get it blown-out before the ground finishes freezing!