Calgary Snow Removal Services

We offer snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties in Calgary. Our snow removal packages are setup on a convenient monthly billing system, so there are never any unexpected costs. Our team of snow removal professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For residential properties we clear the walkways/driveways after every snow fall - for commercial properties we clear the walkways after every snow fall - we clear the parking lots every time that it snows 1cm or more. We will always clear the snow within 24 hours of snow fall to a maximum of once every 24 hours! As an added bonus, all of our packages include unlimited FREE ice melt applications (only applies to residential properties)! Why worry about being held liable for a slip and fall accident? Why spend your valuable free time outside in the cold clearing snow? Our snow removal services will give you peace of mind and a clear walkway all winter long!

Prices start at only $139 per month for unlimited snow removal! We currently offer services in the following NW communities of Calgary: The Hamptons, Edgemont, & Varsity.

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Why Choose Lavish Lawns?

Lavish Lawns was founded by a lawn care professional who was fed up with the poor quality of lawn care services in Calgary. Lavish Lawns team of highly trained professionals will do the job right the first time, every time. It is our mission to keep your property looking its absolute best all year round while providing you with the skills and knowledge to maintain a happy, healthy lawn.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is just around the corner, but don't break out the lawn chairs just yet! It is best to stay off the grass while the lawn thaws out in the early spring to prevent damage to the grass. Once the snow has melted and the ground has thawed out you're in the clear!

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Rain water gauges can help you save on watering costs! By tracking the amount of water your lawn receives each week you can a) avoid watering when it is not necessary and b) insure that your lawn is always receiving the proper 1-1.5" of water it needs each week. Just be sure to dump out the gauge at the end of each week!